Highly recommended. I joined the first week and I’m booked in again for tomorrow. For anyone debating whether to do this, I was so nervous and thought about backing out but there was absolutely no need. It is so relaxed and chilled. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

– A. M. (Student)

Group workshops are a great way to meet and learn with players of a similar ability for a low price. Class sizes are limited to keep things personal and interactive and there are 5 class categories to ensure the players in each group are well matched. Workshops take place once a week and each term lasts 4 weeks. The price for each block of 4 week classes is £50.


  • Interactive group lesson on Zoom

  • Maximum of 6 people per class

  • 1 X 60min lesson per week (arranged in 4 week courses)

  • Follow up videos and material shared after each class


£50 for a group course of 4 weeks.
This includes 4 X 1hour group lessons and all follow up videos and lesson material.

£85 for a group course of 4 weeks + one 60min private lesson
This includes 4 X 1hour group lessons, 1 X 1hour private lesson and all follow up videos and lesson material.

Payments can be made using PayPal.

Class types

To help ensure everyone is matched up with players of a similar level there are 5 different classes to choose from. These range from complete beginner through to advanced players. Simply choose the description that matches you best from the following 5 options:

Level 1 – Beginner: “This is all very new to me but I want to learn! I would like help with the fundamentals of playing the whistle and of Irish music.”

Level 2 – Song Player: “I am comfortable with the basics of the whistle. I can play some slow songs and would like to improve my technique and learn to play some faster tunes.”

Level 3 – Tune Learner: “I can play several dance tunes at a slow or moderate pace. I sometimes rely on sheet music or tabs to learn or remember tunes but I am keen to increase my repertoire and to learn by ear.”

Level 4 – Tune Player: “I can learn tunes by ear and have a range of jigs and reels I can play at a moderate pace without relying on sheet music. I want to build upon this with some more advanced techniques.”

Level 5 – Advanced: “I am a seasoned musician. I have a strong repertoire of tunes at session pace and can very quickly learn tunes by ear.”

Schedule & Booking

Different time and day options are available for each class.

Please send me a message (conor@whistleworkshops.com) for availability and schedule options.

What people say…

“I did one of these workshops with Conor last Monday, and it put me in a good mood for a week! Zoom worked great despite workshop members being not only on different sides of the Atlantic but on different sides of North America as well.” – N.N.

“For anyone interested but unsure- definitely do it! Conor is a great teacher, the workshop is great fun, and it’s nice to meet other whistle players of a similar level.” – C.G

“I had my first workshop on Monday and thoroughly enjoyed, we had US east & west coast, Scotland, Channel Islands and Belfast on line! Zoom worked very well with the ability to mute yourself and have a little practice before you played to the group again working nicely. Conor is a great teacher and I’m looking forward to getting back into the whistle again. Great idea thanks Conor” – D.B.

“The lesson for beginners was great! It was my first ever music lesson, and as someone who gets horrific stage fright about performing or even just practising music, I was really relaxed. It was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see what will happen next week” – L.M.

Whistle Workshops
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Deb Burns
Deb Burns
A gifted musician and an equally gifted teacher, able to break things down and explain them or model them super... effectively. Well organized. Best of all, he plays with such joy that it has inspired and lifted my playing--I'm getting compliments from my band!read more
Derek Beatty
Derek Beatty
Conor is a very talented musician and an excellent music teacher. I'm collecting a nice little repertoire of tunes and... picking up the ornamentation needed to bring them to life. Zoom actually works really well for a whistle workshop and Conor's short recordings of the tunes and techniques taught in the workshops are an invaluable tool to practice with afterwards in your own time.read more
Michael Forde
Michael Forde
Over the past number of months I've been trying to teach myself tin whistle, what I did learn was that I wasn't... disciplined enough, so I decided to look for lessons on line and my first stop was at Conor's site. I have found Conor's lessons very relaxed, fun, interactive yet he gets through the work very efficiently, I would highly recommend any one who is thinking of taking up tin whistle for the first time or if ye need inspiration to take it to the next level to get in touch with Conor, I know it was my best move...read more
Frances O Connell
Frances O Connell
Brilliant teacher great tunes to learn and the patience of a saint
Colin Sanderson
Colin Sanderson
Great teacher and small friendly class. Definitely recommend if you are keen to improve your playing.
Rebecca Arnold
Rebecca Arnold
Conor is a very patient and kind teacher as well as a masterful whistle player. These classes have been a fun way to... meet other whistle players, as well as to learn some new tunes by ear. Conor is helping me to learn ornamentation and gives helpful pointers to refine my playing.read more
Myra McCammon Johnson
Myra McCammon Johnson
Conor Lamb is an excellent teacher. I am challenged to grow as a whistle player through the workshop class I am... enrolled in.read more
Anne Nevin
Anne Nevin
Great way to learn how to play the whistle from beginners to advanced players to learn and improve your skills with an... amazing teacher you also get an opportunity to meet new people with similar interests and levelsread more
Gill ERisby
Gill ERisby
The Whistle Workshops with Conor have been a fantastic opportunity to join a fun community of music friends. Working... within the group has been a real joy and we all have risen to the challenge of playing on line whilst learning new pieces and techniques.read more
Jenny Williams
Jenny Williams
Great teacher and have learnt a lot over the last three months of joining in with these! Would definitely recommend... for anyone wanting to learn or get better on the Irish whistles!read more
Hanna Williams
Hanna Williams
Taking part in these whistle workshops is one of the highlights of my week. Conor , who needs no introduction as a... superb musician, makes efficient use of the hour long sessions, ensuring they are always dynamic, interactive and enjoyable. With his expert ear, he tunes into each player in turn and offers a tailor-made selection of insightful tips, all warmly infused with encouragement which, providing you put the practice in, will accelerate your musical journey, getting you to the performance level you aspire to.read more
Kevin Burget
Kevin Burget
This is a wonderful class for me, and all who participate in our group class are learning some amazing things. He's an... inventive and exacting! teacher, generous with his time and wisdom. In my opinion there's nothing that can beat learning from one of the best whistle players on the planet.read more
Connor George
Connor George
Conor is a phenomenal teacher, the lessons are always engaging with lots of positive feedback, but the thing that... really set Whistle Workshops apart is the passion for the music!read more
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