Highly recommended. I joined the first week and I’m booked in again for tomorrow. For anyone debating whether to do this, I was so nervous and thought about backing out but there was absolutely no need. It is so relaxed and chilled. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

– A. M. (Student)

Group workshops are a great way to meet and learn with players of a similar ability for a low price. Class sizes are limited to keep things personal and interactive and there are 5 class categories to ensure the players in each group are well matched. Workshops take place once a week and each term lasts 4 weeks. The price for each block of 4 week classes is £50.


  • Interactive group lesson on Zoom

  • 1 X 60min lesson per week (arranged in 4 week courses)

  • Follow up videos and material shared after each class


£50 for a group course of 4 weeks.
This includes 4 X 1hour group lessons and all follow up videos and lesson material.

Payments can be made using PayPal.

Class types

To help ensure everyone is matched up with players of a similar level there are 5 different classes to choose from. These range from complete beginner through to advanced players. Simply choose the description that matches you best from the following 5 options:

Level 1 – Beginner: “This is all very new to me but I want to learn! I would like help with the fundamentals of playing the whistle and of Irish music.”

Level 2 – Song Player: “I am comfortable with the basics of the whistle. I can play some slow songs and would like to improve my technique and learn to play some faster tunes.”

Level 3 – Tune Learner: “I can play several dance tunes at a slow or moderate pace. I sometimes rely on sheet music or tabs to learn or remember tunes but I am keen to increase my repertoire and to learn by ear.”

Level 4 – Tune Player: “I can learn tunes by ear and have a range of jigs and reels I can play at a moderate pace without relying on sheet music. I want to build upon this with some more advanced techniques.”

Level 5 – Advanced: “I am a seasoned musician. I have a strong repertoire of tunes at session pace and can very quickly learn tunes by ear.”

Schedule & Booking

Different time and day options are available for each class.

Please send me a message (conor@whistleworkshops.com) for availability and schedule options.

What people say…

“I did one of these workshops with Conor last Monday, and it put me in a good mood for a week! Zoom worked great despite workshop members being not only on different sides of the Atlantic but on different sides of North America as well.” – N.N.

“For anyone interested but unsure- definitely do it! Conor is a great teacher, the workshop is great fun, and it’s nice to meet other whistle players of a similar level.” – C.G

“I had my first workshop on Monday and thoroughly enjoyed, we had US east & west coast, Scotland, Channel Islands and Belfast on line! Zoom worked very well with the ability to mute yourself and have a little practice before you played to the group again working nicely. Conor is a great teacher and I’m looking forward to getting back into the whistle again. Great idea thanks Conor” – D.B.

“The lesson for beginners was great! It was my first ever music lesson, and as someone who gets horrific stage fright about performing or even just practising music, I was really relaxed. It was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see what will happen next week” – L.M.

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