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Welcome to Whistle Workshops!

If you want to improve your tin whistle or low whistle playing and are interested in online tuition then you are in the right place. Both private and group lessons are available here at Whistle Workshops.

My name is Conor Lamb and I have been playing the tin whistle professionally for over 15 years. I have taught workshops all over the world while touring with my bands Réalta and Music In The Glen and I am delighted to continue teaching students worldwide via Zoom and other online platforms.

Tuition is available for one to one private lessons, as well as small categorised group workshops. The group sizes are limited to keep things interactive and group learning is also a great way to meet other musicians of a similar ability.

In the lessons we will work through technique, ornamentation, rhythm and phrasing, repertoire and practice tips and of course throughout the class you can ask any questions you might have.

For further information please contact me by email

(For more music videos please visit the Whistle Workshops YouTube channel and Facebook page)

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